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About Us

The Grey-Bruce Ontario Health Team (Grey-Bruce OHT) is one of 50+ OHTs across Ontario working to make care better for you.

What is an Ontario Health Team?

An Ontario Health Team (OHT) is a collection of dedicated community care partners who are passionate about collaboratively creating an integrated healthcare system for their community.


These partners work together to design an integrated care delivery system that:

  • Exceeds the needs of the unique communities it serves.

  • Enhances integrated healthcare services by reducing duplication of services, and improving quality of and access to care.

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Integrated care and meaningful engagement are key components of OHTs.


Integrated care is a coordinated approach to health care where providers work together to provide the best possible care and improve transitions and health outcomes for patients and families, no matter what services they are using.

Meaningful engagement means that caregivers, patients, and healthcare providers are active and equal participants in identifying problems and designing solutions that improve healthcare and the experience of patients, caregivers and providers.

Co-design happens when a group of people work together as partners to solve problems and ensure the solution works for everyone.

The Grey-Bruce OHT is committed to meaningfully engaging and partnering with patients, caregivers and their families to identify and prioritize healthcare system changes that will improve the healthcare experience through better integrated care.

Patient, Family and Caregiver Partnership and Engagement Strategy

The Patient, Family and Caregiver Partnership and Engagement Strategy helps to ensure that partnership, co-design and engagement with patients, families, caregivers, and the broader community are at the core of all the work that the OHT does.


Co-developed by Grey-Bruce OHT’s Community Council and Engagement Sub-Committee with input from Grey-Bruce OHT’s Partnership Table members, the strategy outlines four core elements: the overarching vision and mission, guiding principles, domains of engagement, and key enablers. Together, these four elements will guide the appropriate and meaningful inclusion of patients, families, and caregivers in all the work of the OHT.

The implementation of the Patient, Family and Caregiver Partnership and Engagement Strategy will be regularly monitored and evaluated through the Grey-Bruce OHT’s existing structures and processes. Specific engagement approaches and activities will be determined and monitored at the committee level and will be reflected within specific plans for the OHT.

How will the Grey-Bruce OHT benefit you?

As our OHT develops, you will be able to access the services you need from multiple providers working as one team and navigate the care system more easily.

Our Goals

The Grey-Bruce OHT is striving to:

  • Understand and address the unique health needs of communities in Grey and Bruce counties.

  • Provide integrated healthcare services to improve access to and quality of care and reduce duplication of services.

  • Improve care delivery to build integrated partnerships between all healthcare providers, which will improve the delivery of services.

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How is the Grey-Bruce OHT structured?

Grey-Bruce OHT structure infographic

Partnership Table

The Grey-Bruce OHT is led by a Partnership Table composed of system leaders who participate as Member or Affiliate partners, and community members who represent the needs of the public. The Partnership Table uses collaborative decision-making to plan for and improve the care in your community.

Current Partnership Table membership includes representatives from the OHT Community Council, Physician/Nurse Practitioner Council, and Board to Board Reference Group.

The Partnership Table is chaired by two elected Co-Chairs from partner organizations.

Standing Committees

The Grey-Bruce OHT has formed the following standing committees to advise, inform, and collaborate on OHT initiatives:

  • Community Council – A group of advisors with experience as a patient, client, family member, caregiver or healthcare worker that provides direct input and recommendations to the Partnership Table, affiliated committees, working groups and teams.

  • Physician/Nurse Practitioner Council – A group of physicians and nurse practitioners who meet to discuss clinical and policy matters regarding physician and nurse practitioner participation and speak with one voice within the Grey-Bruce OHT catchment area.

  • Board to Board Reference Group – A group of partner organization board members that ensures communication and alignment of the Partnership Table objectives to the work of their related sectors and supports the development of the Grey-Bruce OHT to a mature state.

  • Project Review Committee – A committee overseen by the OHT Project Manager that reviews OHT project proposal submissions and provides recommendations to the Partnership Table about whether to adopt the proposals as Designated or Endorsed Grey-Bruce OHT projects.

  • Engagement Sub-Committee – A group of representatives from OHT partner organizations who have an interest in supporting and advancing OHT engagement activities across healthcare teams and within the communities of Grey and Bruce counties.

Implementation Team

The Grey-Bruce OHT Implementation Team is comprised of an Administrative Assistant, an Executive Lead, a Clinical Lead, a Digital Health Lead, an OHT Impact Fellow, a Project Consultant and a Project Manager.

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Our Guiding Principles

Person-centered: We will be responsive to the needs of the whole individual, and support people to make decisions about their health based on their own beliefs, values, and experiences


Keeping people healthy: We will improve the patient experience by working with people to keep them healthy in the community

Equitable and accessible care for all: We provide equitable access to care for everyone in our community

Collaborative: We collaborate to provide high quality care

Responsive to our community’s needs: We are guided by the evolving needs of our community in the development and delivery of services

Values Icon

Our Values

Accountability: We believe in being accountable to our community and partners


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We believe in supporting the diversity of our community through equitable access to safe, culturally appropriate care and services

High Quality: We believe high quality care depends on a partnership between providers and users of the healthcare system to continuously learn, improve, and transform healthcare for our community


Kindness: We believe that everyone should be treated with kindness and respect

Implementation Process

June 2023

Healthcare Provider Education Engagement Event

May 2023

Palliative Care Remote Care Monitoring Project Supported


Grey-Bruce OHT Hypercare Communication Project Supported

April 2023

Grey Bruce Virtual Urgent Care Clinic Pilot Extension

March 2023

Frail Seniors OHT Visioning Day

February 2023

OHT Implementation Team Growth

January 2023

Mental Health and Addictions OHT Visioning Day

December 2022

Partnership Table Co-Chair Transition

September 2022

Inaugural OHT Partnership Table Meeting

June 2022

Collaborative Decision Making (CDMA) Agreement Finalized

October 2021

Transfer Payment Agreement (TPA) Received

September 2021

OHT Application Accepted by Ministry of Health

Become part of the Grey-Bruce OHT.

Get involved! We invite all members of the local health and community care landscape in Grey and Bruce counties to become a member/partner/affiliate or reach out with your comments, concerns or contribution.

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