Our Team

The Grey-Bruce Ontario Health Team (Grey-Bruce OHT) is a dedicated team of local healthcare providers, service organizations and community members working to integrate care and improve the health for all residents in Grey and Bruce counties.

Team Members

OHT Team Member organizations, through their seniors leaders, use a consensus decision-making approach to collaborate on OHT priorities and system improvements. Click on a Grey-Bruce OHT member’s logo to visit the website of that team member.

Affiliate Participants

OHT Affiliate Participant organizations help advance OHT priorities and system improvements through their engagement at the OHT Partnership Table and on related teams. To learn about a Grey-Bruce OHT affiliate, visit the affiliate’s website by clicking on its logo.

Committee Leads

Dave Zago
Partnership Table Co-Chair

Stephen Musehl
Partnership Table Co-Chair

Barbara Horne
Community Council Co-Chair

Chad Richards
Community Council Co-Chair

Dr. Elyse Savaria
Physician/Nurse Practitioner
Council Co-Chair

Lauren Gardner
Physician/Nurse Practitioner
Council Co-Chair

Ann Dumyn
Board to Board Reference Group Co-Chair (Interim)

Catherine Sexton
Board to Board Reference Group Co-Chair (Interim)

Stephanie Dudgeon
OHT Engagement Subcommittee

Implementation Team

Trish Herrick
Executive Lead

Abigail Woodcock
Administrative Assistant

Dr. Elyse Savaria
Clinical Lead

Matt Ward
Digital Health Lead

Angela Freeman
OHT Impact Fellow

Deb Gollob and Christa Haanstra
Project Consultants

Lindsay Johnston
Project Manager

Job Opportunities

Become a part of the future of healthcare in your community! Watch for job opportunities coming soon here or visit Grey-Bruce OHT partner websites by clicking on their logos on the Team page of this website.

Become part of the Grey-Bruce OHT.

Get involved! We invite all members of the local health and community care landscape in Grey and Bruce counties to become a member/partner/affiliate or reach out with your comments, concerns or contribution.